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Masnoon Duaein

Masnoon Duaein


Masnoon Duain -The concept of Masnoon Duain or Wazaef is drawn from Holy Hadith. The compilation of Masnoon Duain is based on prayers for every single purpose, or event. Allah Almighty has given specific instructions and guidance in Holy Quran and Hadith for each and every activity of our daily routine. From waking up in the morning, to going bed at night all the small activities that we regularly perform have certain masnoon duas associated with them. Muslims can increase their knowledge and can recite these daily duas to ensure the shower of Allah Almighty’s blessings on them. Masnoon Dua links your soul towards spirituality as it gives you a feel that you are under the blessings of Allah all the time.

  1. Aaina Dekhne Ki Dua
  2. Baitulkhla Jaene Ki Dua
  3. Baitulkhla Se Nikalne Ki Dua
  4. Bazar Me Jaane Ki Dua
  5. Dawat Khane Ki Dua
  6. Doodh Peene Ke Baad Ki Dua
  7. Farz Namaz Ke Baad Ki Dua
  8. Farz Namaz Ke Baad Ki Dua Ke Baad Ki Dua
  9. Gar Se Nikalne Ki Dua
  10. Ghar Me Dakhil Hone Ki Dua
  11. Iftar Ke Baad Ki Dua
  12. Iyadat Karne Ki Dua
  13. Kapre Pehenne Ki Dua
  14. Khane Ke Baad Ki Dua
  15. Khane Ke Beech Ki Dua
  16. Khane Se Pehle Ki Dua
  17. Kisi Ke Yahan Iftar Ki Dua
  18. Masjid Me Dakhil Hone Ki Dua
  19. Masjid Se Nikalne Ki Dua
  20. Mezbaan Ke Ghar Se Nikalne Ki Dua
  21. Naya Chand Dekhne Ki Dua
  22. Naye Kapre Ki Dua
  23. Neend Se Uthne Ki Dua
  24. Qabristan Me Jaane Ki Dua
  25. Roza Iftar Ki Dua
  26. Sawari Ke Baad Ki Dua
  27. Sawari Se Pehle Ki Dua
  28. Shaam Ki Dua
  29. Shabbe Qadar Ki Dua
  30. Sone Se Pehle Ki Dua
  31. Sooraj Nikalne Ki Dua
  32. Subah Aur Shaam Ki Khaas Dua
  33. Subah Ki Dua
  34. Wazu Karne Ke Baad Ki Dua
  35. Wazu Se Pehle Ki Dua

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