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What is unique on

What is unique on

I have been looking for Quran Audio Translations online in Audiobook format, a  way to listen to Quran Translation where I could resume listening from the place it was stopped during last listen. This was not possible with traditional MP3 audio, rather this could be achieved easily in Audiobook format. In contrast to MP3 audio, Audiobooks can be paused, resumed and bookmarked while listening. Unfortunately, I could not find Quran Audio in Audiobook format on an internet, it took some time for me to come across tools to convert MP3 audio to M4B audio to achieve what I wanted.This helped me to listen to complete Quran Translation for the very 1st time, continuous from start till end during my morning commutes in just a few months. I went through a terrible feeling that I had access to Holly Quran all my life, but unfortunately never got the opportunity to understand the Divine Message of Quran. I felt overwhelmed and decided to make Quran Audiobooks available for online listening and download for my friends, family and everyone else reachable.

The core theme and objective of is to always be well organized, easy to browse and completely clutter free. is an idea to facilitate understanding of The Message of Holly Quran by making Quran Audio/Text Tafseer & Translation available in MP3 and Audiobook (m4b) format. For every Surah two tasters and three translations and 11 recitations are combined for download or listen from one location.

High-Quality Quran Audiobooks with Urdu and English translation are well organized and structured for online listening and download in mp3 & m4b formats. Listening to an audiobook is a great way to utilize our time effectively during long commutes or road trips.


Listening Holy Quran Tafseer/Translation in audiobook format is the better way in more than one way:

Pause & resume

We can pause, resume and bookmark Audiobooks

Continuous listening

This can help in listening the Quran regularly and continuously; every time we can start from where it was stopped last time. I was able to listen full Quran Translation and Tafseer for the very 1st time in my car like this.

Good news for iOS & Android users

For Apple iPhone/iPad the best place is now iBooks as Audio in.m4b format is considered as a book.There are multiple Android apps available to play Audiobooks, some are listed here

Audiobook Players


To facilitate easy and fast download of Quran Audio, Translation and Tafseer in both MP3 and Audiobook (.m4b) format the complete content of this site is available on pCloud.Single Surah or complete library is available to download for offline listening and redistribution form Dropbox, please visit the download page to access Dropbox Shared Folders.


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