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Why Quran by Surah is the best place to start

Why Quran by Surah is the best place to start

About Quran by Surah

The audio files are organized by Surah in one place, every Surah page includes two tafseer eight translations and three recitations.


  1. Tafheemul Quran-Syed Abul Ala Maududi
  2. Bayan ul Quran-Dr. Israr Ahmed

English Translations

  1. Abdul Basit with Ibrahim Walk-English
  2. Abdul Basit with Naeem Sultan-English
  3. Mishaari Raashid with Saabir-English
  4. Mishaari Rashid (The Nobel Quran)-English
  5. Mishaari Rashid with Ibrahim Walk-English
  6. Muhammad Ayoob with Mikaal Waters-English
  7. Sodais and Shuraim with Aslam Athar-English
  8. Sodais and Shuraim with Naeem Sultan-English

Urdu Translations

  1. Abdul Basit With Miraj khalid-Urdu
  2. Mishaari Rashid (Abulala Maududi)-Urdu
  3. Sudais and Shuraym With Miraj khalid-Urdu


  1. Quran Arabic Text
  2. Free & Fast Download


Listening Holy Quran Tafseer/Translation in audiobook format is better way in more than one ways:

Pause & resume

We can pause, resume and bookmark Audiobooks.

Continuous listening

This can help in listening Quran regularly and continuously; every time we can start from where it was stopped last time. I was able to listen full Quran Translation and Tafseer for very 1st time in my car like this.

Good news for iOS android users

For Apple iPhone/iPAD the best place is now iBooks as Audio in .m4b format is considered as a book.There are mutiple androind apps avaable to play audiobooks, some are listed here

Audiobook Players

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