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Tafseer of Last 10 Juz of Quran

Tafseer of Last 10 Juz of Quran

Last 10 Juz Tafseer Urdu

Last 10 Juz Tafseer English

Tafseer of Last 10 Juz of Quran

The Qur’an is the word of Allah. The superiority of the Qur’an over the words of His creation is like the superiority of Allah Himself over His creation. The movement of the tongue in reciting the Qur’an is the best action that the tongue may ever perform.

This book “Tafseer of Last Ten Surah of Quran” is distributed for free by in Haram Pak and Madina Shareef in multiple languages. Please don’t forget to collect Hard Copy of this Book wherever you are blessed to visit one of these Holy places.

The electronic version of this books is available to download in Urdu and English languages. In addition to Tafseer of Last Ten Surah of Quran this book also discusses following very crucial matters in life of a Muslim:

  • The Virtues of Quran
  • Crucial Questions in the Life of a Muslim
  • Meaning of The Names of Allah
  • Actions of Heart
  • A Composed Dialogue
  • Testimony that Laa Ilaaha Illa-Allah
  • Testimony that Muhammad (PBUH) is the Messenger of Allah
  • The Nullifiers of Islam
  • Purity (Taharah)
  • Rulings about the Natural Blood of Women
  • Women in Islam
  • Some Rulings concerning women
  • The Prayer
  • Charity
  • Fasting Ramadan
  • Created Pilgrimage (Hajj) and Lesser Pilgrimage (Umrah)
  • Various Benefits and Rulings
  • Legal Supplications and Incantations
  • Supplication (Addu’a)
  • Most Important Supplications that Should be Memorized
  • The Most Profitable Trade
  • Daily Remembrance pf Allah in the Morning & Evening
  • Saying & Deeds that have Rewards in Islam
  • Some Prohibitions in Islam
  • Journey to Eternity

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