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Author: Mazafary

Muhammad Siddeeq al-Minshawi Recitation

Mohamed Siddiq El-Minshawi (Arabic: الشيخ محمد الصديق المنشاوي‎) (January 1, 1920 – June 20, 1969) born in Upper Egypt, was an Egyptian Qur’anic reciter. Son of Siddiq El-Minshawi, his brother Mahmoud El-Minshawi is also a famous reciter.

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Mishari Rashid al-Aafasee-Recitation

Sheikh Mishary bin Rashid bin Gharib bin Muhammad Al-Afasy (Arabic: الشيخ مشاري بن راشد بن غريب بن محمد العفاسي‎; born in Kuwait on September 5, 1976) is a Kuwaiti preacher, imam Quran reciter, and nasheed artist. He is also known as Abu Rashid (Arabic: أبو راشد‎) (The father of Rashid).

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Hamad Sinan-Recitation

His full name is Sheikh Abou Al Hareth Hamad Sinan, a Kuwaiti Quran reader, and an Islamic preacher. He is currently working as an Imam and a preacher in “Al Bachar” mosque, and he grew into one of the most prominent and outstanding Imams all over his country after being a professional singer.

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Aziz Alili-Recitation

Hafiz Alili (born 29 May . 1968 . in Lipkovo municipality Kumanovo in Macedonia ), father and mother Hajar Eid. She finished primary school in his homeland. She has three brothers and five sisters. After primary school, he entered the Gaza Husrevbeg’s Madrasa in Sarajevo.

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